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Eclipse is most well known for their Java Integrated Development Environment or IDE. The Eclipse marketplace is an incredible platform for unlimited customization and extension of the default packages. Users can combine language support and all other possible features to create their very own developer toolsets. These tools most commonly include GUI builders, tools for modeling, reporting, charting, testing and much more. The feature that stands Eclipse apart from its contemporaries is the concept of Extension points. The same extension point can be used to added multiple extensions and can be evaluated by the plug-in which usually declares the extension point. These plugins are compatible with multiple Eclipse versions which include Luna, Kepler, Juno (4.2 and 3.8), Indigo, Helios and Galileo. The key features of these plugins include Syntax Highlighting, type referencing, auto-completion, refactoring, source code formatting, basic debug support, Maven integration, DSL support using DSL descriptors and much more. The simplicity of the plug-in codes makes it easy to create and develop new plugins. Most of the standard plugins used by Eclipse are small and compact, hence they do not curb the deftness of the software program. They come with easy drag and drop installation. Besides the usual functions they can also ensure specific plug-in features which include the visual designer, widget and theme creation, debugging existing widgets and creation of new projects. Some of these plugins are capable of integration static source code analyzers within the Eclipse IDE which ensures that your Java code adheres to the coding norms and standards. BestPlugins has an expansive repertoire of such Eclipse plugins which are completely capable of extending its functionalities within a jiffy.


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