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Although users have numerous reasons for loving jEdit, among the most unique perk of using jEdit is not having to download and install the plugins separately. A jEdit user can add, update and remove the plugins by using the Bundled Plug-in Manager from a working installation of jEdit. More generally, the common trait of all the jEdit plugins is the combination of UNIX, Windows and MacOS text editor functionality. These plugins can be supported by any machine with Java 1.6 or higher. All of them come with efficient keyboard shortcuts which makes the user’s life a lot easier. They have an inherent feature known as the “Register”, which ensures that the user can copy and paste with an unlimited number of keyboards. The contents of the “Register” are saved across all editing sessions without fail. They come with unlimited undo/ redo options and complete online help. Probably the most helpful and most unique universal features of these plugins include the “Kill Ring” and the “Markers”. The “Kill Ring” automatically remembers previously deleted texts and the “Markers” remember the positions of the files to be visited later. While working on jEdit, installed plugins do not prevent the user from opening multiple windows; each window can be split into several areas and each area can be used to view a different file. The jEdit plugins help in keeping track of the individual buffers. The best part is, jEdit keeps a track of all the windows that are opened during and between the editing sessions. These plugins help in discontinuous and additive selection. The jEdit plugins are amicable towards customization and their syntax highlighting modes are defined in XML files which make constituting new ones considerably easier. these plugins can easily convert jEdit to an efficient HTML/XML editor or a complete IDE with code completion, context sensitive help, compiler, visual diff and language specific tools. One should definitely visit BestPlugins for a complete view of all jEdit plugins possible.


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