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With jQuery proving its mettle with some of the most appreciated web designs centered upon it, users have a lot to gain from understanding the kinds of jQuery plugins available in digital marketplaces. With sliders, images sliders, maps, carousels, and all sorts of fluidic content elements, jQuery plugins can add a lot of design aplomb to tour website. Finding the jQuery plugin you want is a piece of cake with so many of them doing the rounds of the World Wide Web these days, and installing them is equally convenient. If you wish to offer visually heavy content without compromising on the speed of the website, it's best that you use some of the most popular jQuery carousel slider plugins that give a massive design makeover to your website. Moreover, adding maps to your website becomes easier with jQuery maps plugins. For web stores, it’s imperative to provide a price range selector for users to filter out products that fall in a specific price bracket. With jQuery price selector plugins, you can use these sliding price range tools on your web store to help users find the products they want. Apart from these, there are jQuery file uploading scripts to lend style, functionality and agility to your websites.


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