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Moodle has redefined the way in which the world learns and shares knowledge with its revolutionary content sharing mechanism. For all you hardcore Moodle fans, and those who've recently warmed up tot eh magical experience that this platform facilitates for users, the world of Moodle plugins offers some remarkably useful and value adding functionalities. Not only can you enhance your learning experience using Moodle plugins, but can also change the way you offer content to others. For instance, if you need to organize online examinations using Moodle, there are security and integrity plugins to help you ensure that there's no proxy attendance or cheating for the same. Such plugins come with advanced customization flexibility so that you can use them for the purpose you have at hand. Then, there are plugins to make collaborative learning all the more fruitful by building groups and sharing content easily. Private conversations can be started among attendants of a Moodle session with the help of interaction enhancement plugins. Delivering complex lessons becomes easier with suitable plugins that track learning effectiveness and help you design examinations to build right into the course delivery. Warm up to the amazing performance of Moodle plugins and extract the best utility out of Moodle.


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