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NetBeans owes a lot of its infallible reputation as a preferred and potent open source web and desktop software development and software development lifecycle management tool to the impressive range of plugins and add-ons it offers. Spread across categories such as code generation, debugging, documentation, and GUI, mobile apps, and profiling, these plugins make your NetBeans IDE a truly power packed platform. Establish unfailing compatibility with web platforms to develop new age software projects, leverage the best of HTML5, C/C++, PHP, Java, and more, with ample support from NetBeans plugins. With terrific web development plugins offering features such as code minifying, code optimization, code analyses and analytics, you can confidently go about working on complex development projects. Bring in the power of web apps to your projects, use pre-made modules and reuse modules to complete complex codes quickly, and integrate with Angular JS, Vaadin, Google Web Toolkit, and Flying Saucer, all with web development plugins for NetBeans. On similar lines, Java plugins also open up the gates to projects that also need HTML5 along with Java, let you optimize your codes, and bring in the power of AJAX. Then, there are some special PHP plugins that let you work with all PHP frameworks. The range of NetBeans plugins for Android, C++ and UML is also worth appreciating, as they allow you to fine tune your web projects to work with technologies such as Java. Moreover, code optimization modules for these technologies help you manage your software development lifecycle more efficiently. Without a doubt, NetBeans’ strong core is enhanced brilliantly by the shell of the amazing plugins it has on offer.


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