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For all you civil engineers and GIS consultants out there using QGIS for your research and analyses, it's time to take note of the most valuable plugins that really make QGIS the power that it is. Loading base maps from different providers becomes a necessity for convenient and accurate results using QGIS. In this direction, you will be able to find plugins that let you load base maps from other providers such as Bing, Yahoo and Google, apart from OpenStreetMap and Stamen. Being able to quickly search for locations is imperative for sailing through research processes using QGIS, and with geo-location and geo-search plugins, that's easily facilitated for you. These plugins come with the added features of being able to calculate distances between two points and working out driving routes as well. If you wish to work with Vector Feature Data, it'll be helpful for you to use appropriate plugins that add multiple sub menus and analyses tools to QGIS. Manipulation of vector feature data is never as easy as is made by such plugins for QGIS. With all these terrific QGIS plugins at your disposal, you can be certain that you will be able to create more accurate, valuable and precise outputs in lesser time.


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