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Players from communications, healthcare, retail and manufacturing businesses are already using the best of premium Salesforce apps, and the propensity of trying out free Salesforce apps with business from nonprofits and government undertakings is also on the rise. Here’s more on the best of these apps. From sales to customer feedback – everything’s improved with Salesforce apps Mobile apps for Salesforce provide massive leverage to your businesses with capabilities to offer proximity based information, tweaking design of app interfaces, and even working with digital signatures from iPads. To enhance customer service matrix measurements for your business, use the best of Salesforce customer service apps that integrate with 3rd party services such as SurveyMonkey, and provide native capabilities involving surveys, polls, and customer servicing matrices. Salesforce apps help you do more in less time, with apps to sign contract documents digitally, organize and manage sales contests effortlessly, and digging out unused leads and prospects to open up more revenue opportunities for your business. A range of categories boasting of powerful Salesforce apps Whether you want to be able to manage data more effectively, wish to import and export massive data easily, or want to design, monitor and manage classy newsletters and emailers for promotional communications – Salesforce has dedicated apps for you. Marketing apps for Salesforce bring empowering features such as powerful backend management of promotional campaigns and tracking of customer purchase behaviors, HR apps assist in better payroll and recruiting process management, and ERP apps bind together resources, data, and transactions for your business for tighter control. Visit BestPlugins today to find out the most empowering of these apps, neatly organized across categories for you.


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