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From the world of new age media center software comes XBMC to redefine the way the world accesses multimedia content. The superb collection of enhancement plugins for XBMC ensures that you get the most fulfilling media experience by using this software. Integrate content from TV, podcasts and even video games right into your XBMC box with these plugins. That’s just the beginning of the wonderful features that XBMC plugins offer you. Video plugins for XBMC integrate streaming from some of the most popular video channels from across the globe and add to your video content options. For sports buff, there’s no dearth of effective sports streaming plugins that connect you to all the sports events attracting eyeballs from across the globe. Even if the content is not broadcast in your region, you can use these plugins to ensure that you don’t miss out on the action. Then, there are radio plugins that connect you to the most engaging radio feeds from the world over. Build a powerful media experience right inside your living room with single stop access to TV, music, podcasts and gaming, and change the way you enjoy multimedia with the help of XBMC and its top notch plugins.


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